Aspen Peak Cellars

Aspen Peak Cellars

Award-winning Handcrafted Wines Made in Colorado

Aspen Peak Cellars is returning again this year to the Vino and Notes Festival. Located in Bailey, Colorado – Aspen Peak Cellars is always a crowd-pleaser during the wine fest in Woodland Park. Proprietors Marcel and Julie Flukiger have been producing Aspen Peak wines since 2009.  Aspen Peak Cellars produces about 1700 cases of wine annually from grapes grown in the most consistent wine regions in the country. 11789599-award-winning-colorados-aspen-peak-cellars Some of the wines from Aspen Peak that you can expect to taste at the festival are:
  • Aspen Peak Cellars Blanc de Blancs – One of the only Colorado produced method champenoise sparkling wines made from 100% Chardonnay.
  • Aspen Peak Cellars Pinot Grigio
  • Aspen Peak Cellars Pinot Noir
  • Aspen Peak Cellars Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Aaspen Peak Cellars 285 Fusion


Visit Aspen Peak Cellars

Of course the easiest way to experience Aspen Peak wines is the attend Vino and Notes! Aspen Peak’s tasting room is just an hour outside of Denver. It’s about an hour and a half from Woodland Park if you go up 67 through Deckers. Aspen Peak Cellars Colorado Winery 60750 U.S. 285 Bailey, CO 80421 phone: (303) 816-5504  Shop their wine and order by phone or  online (Colorado residents only)  – read more about their award winning Colorado wines Aspe Insider Tip: Be sure to inquire about Free Shipping Thursdays.        
Black Art Cellars

Black Art Cellars

Our focus is on producing the best hand crafted Rhône style wines in Colorado. We source our grapes primarily from the Central Coast of California. Reach out to contact us and schedule your private tasting. Of course the best bet is to pop by the tasting room in Littleton Colorado during open hours in person and experience the decadence and expressiveness of our hand crafted ultra-premium wines. This website is updated multiple times a week and is the best place for the latest info like open hours (they vary by season) and events.

We are an award winning family owned boutique craft winery, located in the beautiful foothills of Ken Caryl Ranch in Littleton Colorado.

Our passion for wine making is in Rhône style ultra-premium wines which we hand-craft with the utmost attention to detail. Our wine making accepts no compromise in ingredients or handling practices, resulting in beautifully decadent wines with heaps of flavor and attitude.

We source grapes from California’s Central Coast, as well as Walla Walla, WA, and even here in Colorado. The grapes we purchase are top-notch and arrive at our crush pad about 20 hours after pick. This allows us to  focus on flavor, balance and ripeness of fruit lending to wines  that exhibits the integrity that was put into them in the vineyard.

We practice sustainability by managing water, power and waste, as well as insuring any organic matter goes back to the earth rather than landfills.  We donate our grape pumice to the Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Arboretum location, which is a nitrogen rich compost enhancement.

Chill Switch Wines

Chill Switch Wines

Chill Switch Wines is a family-owned boutique winery in Cedaredge, Colorado. Winemaker Dave Aschwanden creates his wines with patience and old world techniques that allow the wine to develop its complex flavors naturally. We age our reds in french oak for 30 months, our whites between 18-30 months in stainless steel. Crafted exclusively from grapes grown in Colorado, all Chill Switch wines are made without adulteration: no freaky stuff.  No color enhancers, flavorings, artificial aromas, stabilizers, clarifiers etc. Do you want a wine without all the adjustments and additions so common in most mass produced wines? Do you want a wine that is also vegan, that is without the animal based fining/filtering materials so often used? Then reach for Chill Switch