Welcome, and welcome back, to this year’s musicians!

First up at our main stage is Max Wagner, an acclaimed jazz musician who has performed across the country. He’s recently released a new album, “Gratitude,” which he describes as a “labor of love.” While contributing to over seventy albums, this is his third CD as the leader. Gratitude features Eric Gunnison and Jeff Jenkins at the piano, Ken Walker playing bass, and Todd Reid on the drums, and houses a collection of originals, ballads, and updated classics.

New this year, we’ll have another stage running simultaneously! The smaller stage will be located near the entrance, so our guests can hear some music throughout the venue. Please join us in welcoming Cari Dell, the lead guitarist for the Cari Dell Trio. Cari learned to play the guitar in Austin, TX, and she currently lives in Colorado. Cari plays regularly in the Woodland Park and Colorado Springs area, both as a solo artist and with the band, and her music has been recognized across the globe.

Later in the day, welcome back to Tony Exum Jr.! Tony has been a great supporter of Habitat for Humanity of Teller County for the past several years, and we’re happy to host him again. Tony’s smooth, original, and precise jazz will be sure to blend beautifully with some delicious Colorado wines and the great scenery of Woodland Park.

So as you’re enjoying wine, food, and shopping this year, make sure to take the time to listen to our fabulous musicians!