Two Swedes Glögg

Brought together by an insatiable appetite for music, ice hockey and fine alcohol of all kinds, the two Swedes, Ulrik (Rik) and Per-Magnus (PM) met in Colorado in 1996. They were both born and raised in Sweden in the 1960s and emigrated separately to the US of A in the 1990s. Enjoying what the US had to offer, the two Swedes eventually felt that something was missing, something that couldn’t be had at IKEA (or at least not of decent quality) : Glögg, the winter warmer, the reason for Christmas being so much fun growing up!

Glögg was soon to had at any time during the winter and Ric and PM finally decided to bring the tradition stateside.Two Swedes and their families hope you will enjoy the tradition of glögg, and glögg related activities, as much as they do! Skål!