A Unique Family, Making Unique Wine

We’re a family of strong opinions, but somehow we get along. There are only a handful of things we all see eye to eye on, and the most important one is a belief that good food and good drink can make a good day great and a bad day good. We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting recipes, and along with that comes a lot of experimentation. We may try and fail here and there, but we learn a lot along the way. None of us is classically trained in wine making, and that’s nothing we’re ashamed of.  As a matter of fact, we embrace it; it’s a point of pride; it’s an opportunity to be ourselves even in our wines, to take risks we see as practical that others see as crazy. There’s a lot to learn from the various traditions and schools of wine making, and we see ourselves as students of them all. We do not see our style as superior, merely enjoy our freedom to move freely between tradition and invention. We see none of the risks we take with wine as a novelty. We are out to make quality wine that is unique. We may never make the world’s most classically perfect Merlot, but that’s just fine with us.

695 36 Road, Unit C
Palisade, Colorado 81526
Phone: (970) 464.1099