We are happy to announce that this special feature is back by popular demand: the Wine / Food Pairing tent will host hourly demonstrations from participating wineries.

  • Learn to pair local Colorado wines with food in extraordinary flavor combinations
  • Sample food / wine together
  • Gain expertise to wine pairing so you can throw your own wine tastings at home

This year the Food & Wine Pair Tent is proudly sponsored by


Time Restaurant Wineries
1:00 pm

Seared ahi tuna on a crispy wonton topped with toasted black and white sesame seed and micro greens. Drizzled with Gweilo Sauce(spicy thai)

2:00 pm

Caprese flatbread with balsamic reduction,(heirloom tomato and moz cheese).

3:00 pm Juniper berry braised venison with a blackberry reduction, roasted grape tomato, and cheddar cheese potato cakes
4:00 pm

Peach cupcakes infused with cream